Overcoming Fear

People maybe afraid of getting the AstraZeneca Vaccine but fear holds us back from doing the right things. I had my front teeth fillings done and feel like I can smile properly for the first time in years.

Overcoming my fear worrying about the cost would be by just going to the 🦷 dentist was the best thing I did. Likewise I got my 1st jab today putting aside any worry about side effects saying as I went into Jeff’s Shed – I am healthy. With the right mindset we can overcome our fears and achieve anything we want to.

I hope people like the happy pics I took this morning – before waiting for the jab and afterwards.

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JustSociale Human Rights Poll

Hey Everyone,

The Team at JustSociale are keen to understand our audience better and we want to know, do you know your online human rights?

Help us out by completing our poll here: https://forms.gle/uFtXULgTG2EnqvdcA

Only one question to answer. Please help us out. 😀

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Film Melissa Griffiths in wins Awards.

Picture with leading actress from the set of short film I played the part of The Baker in called Radical Romance. This has been featuring at film festivals overseas.

In the 2020 Accolade Competition it won Awards of Recognition for Leading Actor and Actress as well as for being experimental and for liberation/protest/social justice.

Link to photo/INDB website: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt12518300/mediaviewer/rm2993007105/

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My article in Star Observer for TDOV 2021

Great to have my article on how online visibility as a trans woman is fraught with challenges published by Star Observer on Transgender Day of Visibility 2021.

Please read and share so we can create a more understanding and tolerant society where transgender people can live their lives without fear or prejudice.

Link to article: https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/online-visibility-as-a-trans-woman-is-fraught-with-challenges/201877