Mardi Gras

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Great to see that last night’s Mardi Gras in Sydney was a success. The 40th Anniversary celebrating how far we have come in the LGBTQI+ community and how far we have to go to continue to make great for everyone in our community. Great to see couples finally having the freedom to get married.

I hope one day all states will change the law to make it easier for transgender people to change their identity documents and birth certificate when they transition. As time goes on things will improve for transgender people in society and the workplace however still have a way to go.


This is why we need to continue the fight to raise awareness on issues that affect the LGBTQI+ community in Australia that we face and encounter in our lives!

Unfortunately been LGBTQI+ can be a career limiting move still. Let us hope this changes as does the underlying homophobia that still exists in parts of Australia.

Trans Woman Reflects On Love, Loss And The Fight For Equality : NPR

What a brave woman coming out and sharing her story with what she has been through as a transgender woman. Well worth reading this interview with Sarah McBride about her journey. It is amazing the difference she is marking and what she has been through in such a short space of time.

Sarah’s openness about her journey is to be commended. I hope that by people like Sarah sharing her story it will one day change attitudes in USA about transgender people.

Sarah McBride was the first transgender person to speak at the political convention of a major party. Now she’s the spokesperson for the LGBTQ rights organization the Human Rights Campaign.
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Mallory Ortberg comes out as trans – PinkNews

Good to see people start to feel safe to come out as trans and celebrate instead of hiding it like some transgender people have to because of circumstances or work or family pressures.

A lot of people don’t understand what we go through to realise who we are or why we are the way we are. Instead they choose to ignore us, fear us or hate us. Let us hope one day that this will not be the case.

Mallory Ortberg comes out as trans – PinkNews
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It is good to rest sometimes as it helps you get not only your body in order, however also your mind and soul as well. I have learn this myself recently as I am been ill for little while and now recovering. It also gives us time to reflect on what we have done and are yet to do. If we do this then we may realise and accept that we are stronger than we think.

Also by taking time out to rest our bodies and eat simple foods is the sometimes the best medicine and best thing you can do to get better. If we pay attention to ourselves once in awhile and look after ourselves holistically then we can get better quicker and come back stronger than before.